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Stay Cool & Dry While You Sleep with Lusome Spring Collection Sleepwaer

This is a promotional post for Lusome. Opinions are my own

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Lusome’s 2015 Spring Collection
It seems the older I get, the less sleep I manage to get. Not because I am busier, but because I can’t seem to stay asleep. There are little changes I notice such as having a more active bladder at night and getting too hot in my sleep. I know I am not the only one as 80% of women experience night sweats while they sleep. Many factors give us this high percentage from menopause, pregnancy, cancer treatments that will commonly cause night sweats and hormonal changes. There are many changes we can make to help us avoid those night sweats or at least tame them a bit. 
Tips to a cooler night’s sleep
  • Room Temperature: have a fan in your room or even a window air conditioning unit so you can keep cool air circulating at night
  • Bedding: Choose fabrics such as linen or organic cotton with a lower thread count. Too high a thread count means it is tightly woven and that means heat stay trapped under your sheets. 
  • Keep water and a towel nearby-this gives a quick relief if you should wake up in a sweat
  • Clothing: Avoid flannel and polyester fabrics as they trap heat. Use sleepwear that is breathable or is made with the right moisture block technology
Lusome has their new 2015 Sleepwaear collection and you will not sacrifice style for fabric that will keep you cool and dry at night. Lusome founder, Lara Smith, created dryLon™ technology that pulls hot perspiration away from the body. You can find any style to fir your desire from men-inspired shorts and tops to feminine nighties. With a house of boys, I wear sleepwear that is non-revealing like the Ava night top. I will wear these over stretch pants or capris in the mornings around the house. I love that jersey look and feel. The fabric is so soft and it really does keep me cool and dry at night. 
dryLon™ Technology
Sleep is one of the most important times of day for our well being and taking the time so that we have the correct room temperature, bedding and clothing will help ensure we get the most restful sleep we can. Because Lusome wants you to understand the importance of a cool, dry sleep for many health benefits, they have an active Blog where you can go read more about tips regarding hot flashes. 
Learn more and see all of these great styles and start getting a better night’s sleep!
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