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Stay connected to your child’s sports team with TeamSnap

This is a sponsored post for Team Snap on behalf of Moms Affiliate. All opinions are 100% my own.
I am a parent to 3 boys. Between the 3 of them, we have been soccer, tennis, karate, baseball and basketball parents throughout the years. My oldest step son is 22 and our youngest is our 6 year old. Our oldest played baseball as a child and tennis in High School. Our teenager has played baseball, soccer and basketball throughout the years and our youngest has done soccer, karate, baseball and basketball. A lot has changed in sports since the oldest such as ways to communicate. Back then it was home phone calls and voicemail and today it is email and even phone apps. There is one thing that has not changed much though and it doesn’t seem to get any better each year and that is finding teams who thoroughly communicate everything all of the time. 
Many times I am only given an email and if I am lucky, they send a cell number to a Coach. I will get a message saying my son is registered and I will hear from a Coach soon. I wait, wondering if I should have heard by now and finally I get a quick-“Hi..let’s meet here at this time”. But wait, I work late! I need to get my son there and I have never met this Coach. I wish I knew what other kids were on my son’s team that I feel comfortable calling for a ride! If only I could view the roster. Perhaps I can call Grandma, but she doesn’t know how to get to that distant field down the county road. Registering for a team is the easy part, staying connected is a challenge! Enter TeamSnap!
About TeamSnap
TeamSnap is your communication tool for all sports teams. In fact it does more than keep a roster and your schedule, it has maps, alerts and even chat and photo sharing tools. In 2013 our teenagers Senior Baseball team used TeamSnap and it was heaven. Every year with my youngest I hope I get a coach who used TeamSnap! I knew immediately when there were cancelations or time changes. I can pull up maps to fields and even see statistics for the team. You can also have all of this at the palm of your hand by downloading the free TeamSnap app. Directions and maps come in handy while in the car and driving circles to find a field. 
My husband travels for work and sometimes has to miss a game. With TeamSnap, he can pull up the team page while I send updates on scores and even photos of goals and shots I happen to capture. When you pull up the team schedule, you can respond to whether you will be attending or not attending a game or practice. This helps with other parents knowing who to call or email for rides or to alert team leaders that a sub may be needed if too many players are out. 

If you are a Coach or Team Mom, keeping up with dues, fees and even trophy money is easy and you can even send reminders. You can also create snack schedules and team party information. 

There are 2 parts to the TeamSnap registration. You can choose to register as an individual team or you can choose to register as an organization or club. Within these registrations are pricing choices.
When your Coach or Team Mom registers a team, there are 4 pricing plans. Free, $7.99, $12.49 and $17.99 per month. The needs of your team will depend on the plan that can be chosen. You can manage from 30 to unlimited number of team members depending on the plan chosen. The free plan gets you 30 team members managed, access to schedules, messaging, team fansite and Facebook integration. Each plan thereafter gets you new features.
Regardless, you get access for free for 21 days to try the features! After that, keep the plan that fits your needs!

Sports are an important part of your child’s life, don’t be misinformed or left out. Stay up do date and share with pride all of the accomplishments as they progress in sports throughout the years. Suggest TeamSnap to your coach today!

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