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Stay Connected to Mom during Social Distancing with Vivid-Pix Photo RESTORE

It was always Mom! Mom had dinner planned and ready. Mom made Doctor and Dentist appointments. Mom noticed we needed new shoes, new haircuts. Mom also organized or took the majority of family photos. Those old photos you have laying around that are aged and tarnished can have new life. It is so easy with Vivid-Pix RESTORE AI Software and then you are ready to frame or present Mom with bright photos of her memories.

Vivid-Pix artificial intelligence software instantly restores old faded photos and documents. Vivid-Pix RESTORE improves the color and contrast of scanned, faded images and digital photos, as well as scanned records, letters, and documents. It is as easy as downloading the program, watch some quick 1-2 minute How-To videos and upload your first photo.

1978 with Mom and Dad

I grabbed a few faded and even badly faded photos form my albums and scanned them to my email. Then downloaded onto my computer so I can grab them from the Vivid-Pix portal and begin the restoration. It is instant! You choose a photo from upload and it restores in 9 different ways for you to choose the image you like bets. Click on that choice, make some more adjustments (if needed) with the toggles and save.

The photo restore image goes to your download folder into a dedicated VIVID folder. Now when you want to access or share the photos, they are in that folder as .jpeg images to share instantly.

1977 with my Grandfather – restored

Above is me as an infant meeting my Grandfather (Poppy) in 1977. This photo was very red and I was able to lighten it and lessen the redness.

Below is me with both sets of Grandparents and is the only photo of me with all of them that we have. My Mother’s parents were visiting and then sadly deaths came years later and I never got another photo together with all Grandparents again so I love this one best! It was real dark so I was able to lighten it up and found out my Poppy was in a blue sweater! I could not tell the colors in the original photos.

1977 Both sets of my Grandparents

Restore photos for Mom or send her a gift card for her own access. Save $10/20% on RESTORE Electronic Gift Cards through Mother’s Day.

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Antoinette M

How wonderful! I have a few photos that I can restore like this!

Sarah L

Good to know about this. Fun pictures from your past and a look at fashions in 1977.