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Stay at your best with Ester-C Immune Support

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If I were to ask you what a typical day looks like for you, would that question alone stress you out? If I were to also ask you if you are proactive and give yourself proper immune support, would you roll your eyes at me? It is almost comical between my husband and I when he asks what I did each day and every time he asks I give him ‘the look’!
“Well, I took A to school, came home, went to work, came home, picked A up, came home, cooked dinner, did homework, took a boy to practice and came home-again, blogged in spurts and I think I showered! No! I went to the gym so I still need a shower!”
That’s about the answer he would get, but raising my brow says it all with less words.
If I were to decide I need more rest, everyone’s day would be thrown off. Actually, never mind because when I am not functioning at my best nothing stops! The day moves on and I just move slower. Maybe I can sneak a nap in-that was a joke! On days when we don’t perform as Mom at our best because we are worn out, we still keep going. The things that suffer tend to not be the kids or husband, but the toys and dishes! I am a neat freak and if I were to not get to the housework it actually stresses me out a lot. I always take the evening to straighten up as I get my youngest to bed. That way I can come downstairs, relax and look at a clean house. It is how I unwind!

I write about healthy living, but I don’t actually take a lot of supplements. In fact, I take 2 total. I sometimes take probiotics and I love my Vitamin C. When I’m not running around with my own kids, I am at the High School 3 hours a day feeding teenagers. When I am not at the High School, I am at my youngest’s Elementary School doing tasks as PTA Co-President With my busy schedule, I like to support my immune system. I get my immune support from Ester-C Vegetarian Coated Tablets that I can always count on being cost-effective at my local Walmart, especially since they are on Rollback right now!

Being proactive is the best way to keep up with the daily grind. We have children, husbands, houses and even our own selves to take care of. Ester-C stays in my system for 24 hours and is specially manufactured to neutralize pH. That is important to me because I have enough tasks to keep up on all day. I can count on my Vitamin C lasting all day.

If there is one task you do every day, take care of you!

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