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Stay at Home Parenting With a Traveling Husband

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So, this summer we moved over 80 miles away from the town my husband and I grew up in most our lives so we can be closer to my husbands new office and I can become a Stay at Home Mom. Our 15 year old starts 10th grade and the youngest enters Kindergarten in a brand new district. Why? My husband was promoted! Perks? I quit my 40 hour a week career and get to stay home with the boys! Yay!! Downfall? My husband now travels a lot. Thank you, God! I prayed that one day all my years of working hard can gain me the reward to one day stay home with the boys. Well apparently I worded that wrong. I suppose I should have mentioned that I would like to be a Stay at home PARENT! As in I stay home and get to greet my husband with organization and dinner ready before 8pm! Kind of hard to do that with a husband that only walks through the door at the end of each day only 1-2 times a week. Fair trade? Not so much!

So what does the recipe of a day at home with no Dad around and kids not used to being home all day look like?

1 5 year old used to a full day at daycare
1 teen transplanted from our old town where his friends are
1 husband who travels weekly
1 brand new house
1 new town
1 Mommy who used to work 40 hours a week

Mix all together and let simmer for about 4 weeks. 

A 5 year old will be better entertained…once Kindergarten begins,  a teen who will be just fine….once school starts. a husband who will get early, home-cooked meals… only 1-2 days a week, a house that is unpacked…..found all the stash spots for to-do-someday projects, a town that has seen a long boarding teen dodging traffic & a 5 year old enter stores in his cape and carrying his Thor hammer everywhere….because I allow my kids to just be weird,  and a Mommy who will get more organized…tomorrow!

OK. So God answered my prayers, but deleted my husband from the daily routine. But above is the best and most amazing recipe I have ever created and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! But, now I must go iron someone’s work pants I let sit in the dryer too long. Dang it!!!

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