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Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas Lights Moving Laser


 Starry Laser Lights

This year we are adding the Starry Laser lights Projection Christmas Lights to our outdoor decor. This is so exciting because last we year we bought a set that barely reached the size of our garage door to properly light it up. I would have had to buy several more to cover my whole front house. We were excited to find that this one projector lights up the entire house with just this one unit.

Starry Laser Lights Projection Christmas Lights Moving Laser

I love the blue and green colors because we are Seattle Seahawks fans and here in the Seattle area it is not uncommon to find the Seahawks theme in outdoor holiday decor. This has 2 effects you can control-a rolling of the lights and flashing. The remote allows for no rolling or fast and slow and you can adjust a flashing effect as well with slow, fast or no flashing. Turn on a slow roll and a slow flash for a fun effect!


The unite comes with a durable ground stake that has a weather-proof cover adapter so the rain cannot effect the connection, then you can plug into an outdoor extension unit.


Tis is truly a great value and is a Prime qualifier on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/2er2g28


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