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Star Wars products from the Discovery Channel Store

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Discovery Channel Store
When searching for your favorite Star Wars toys what better place to browse then the store of the popular Discovery Channel. With a network that brings us the most intriguing and educational shows, you’ll love the selection of Star Wars products from the Discovery Channel Store.
If you have a child who loves TV and gaming you may be familiar with the popular POP! toys. The collector bobble-head figures are fun collectibles. My son loves finding these in his favorite characters. With the release of the new Star Wars VII Force Awakens and the announcement of the next Star Wars VIII to debut in theaters December 2017 these are sure to be a hit and for a long time to come. My son loves BB-8 and enjoys the new focus of Kylo Ren in the newest saga. I have to admit that BB-8 is the most adorable Droid I have seen!
All kids (and some adults) love plush! My son can’t put down his BB-8 Super Deformed Plush. It has gone to school with him in his back pack, it goes on every car ride and is tucked in with him at night now. The plush is for ages 3+ and he will become an instant new friend when he arrives home to your child!
There are more Star Wars products at the Discovery Channel Store so head over and see them all!

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