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Star Kids products make family travel easier

I was sent product for feature

If you like doing family travel then you know how difficult traveling with small (or big) kids can be. It’s not so much the kids themselves as it is their ‘stuff’! Kids can be quite content when they are equipped just right for a long car ride. Aside from frequent stops to stretch those legs, if you can pack each child snacks, drinks, toys and art then that car ride can become much easier on the family. Star Kids products has family travel options that will help each child keep their wants and needs at arms reach at all times and helps you stay organized. 
I have the Snack & Play and use it on my 7 year old. This tray will last from toddler to older child. At his age it holds snacks, charging cords for his electronics and books. We live 80 miles from all of our family so we take that traffic-loaded drive through Seattle often and in the thick of traffic it can take us 3 hours to get down south from here. This tray is something he reaches for as soon as he is buckled in. He sticks all his stuff on the side pockets and it keeps him happy that everything is handy and tucked right beside him.

The Snack & Play has a strap that wraps around the back of the child so that the tray does not slip while in the car or on a plane. It folds up for great storage if taking on a flight. In the event of an accident the foam sides would collapse so this is of no hazard in an accident. The pockets are a sturdy nylon fabric and the soft rim holds toys and crayons in the tray so they cannot roll off. 
You can find the Snack & Play at http://www.starkidsproducts.com/ and specialty stores such as Buy Buy Baby and online retailers.
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Olivia Ava

Travelling with kids is difficult for their parents because they need special care. Parent’s products are not compatible with them. These baby products will really help their parents.