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Stackins -small, stackable plush animals 

If you have a plush-loving chid like I do, you know that for travel they want to grab as many full-size stuffed animals as possible. They love to bring their plush friends along for long car and plane rides, but who ends up carrying them? Like you don’t have enough to lug in and out of the car or onto a plane. Stackins can become your child’s small travel buddies this summer. 

Funrise Toys’ newest plush collection are as small as 3.5″. We have 4 of the animals: Checkers the Cheetah, Bonny the Bunny, Kiki the Fox and Poppy the Puppy. These small plush can easily fit into any carry-on or all 4 can fit in the palms of your 2 hands. They can be stacked in ways that actually entertain your child a bit. My son has tried stacking friends like a tower or in a pyramid. If we are all in one hotel room and he shares a bed with his older brother, he will stack them on the nightstand beside where he sleeps and they take up just the corner of the table. 

You don’t need to lug around those full-size plush when 4 fuzzy friends can fill less space than one. Visit to learn more.

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