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Spring Cleaning with Truce – Safe and Effective Cleaners

What do I love most about our new home? Starting fresh and keeping it simple! Simplicity is so refreshing especially when it is in the ingredients I use in my home. Truce has safe and effective cleaners to help you spring clean around the house.

Simple is this Truce Room Spray. I keep this bottle in my son’s room where the dog kennel is. I use it for the dog’s area and it is safe to spray around my son and his pup. I let the dog out of her kennel in the morning and give a quick spray for a pleasant lavender and citrus scent.

The chore I really dread is the deep oven clean. I have to do it and in the past I would use such toxic products I needed a mask. With the Truce Scouring Powder I don’t scratch my oven and even get a pleasant peppermint scent. I sprinkle powder and spray the Truce All-Purpose Cleaner and wipe. It works great!

I keep my Truce Hand Sanitizer in my bathroom downstairs for guests. We love to fill our home with friends and family during grilling season and giving them multiple washing options is something I enjoy offering our guests. The ingredients are safe and it has a peppermint scent.

Truce has all you need to tackle the deep cleaning and even the gentle washing.

I was sent product and am an affiliate of Truce Clean. Opinions are always my own

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