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Spice Up Your Holiday Parties with WeesLees

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WeesLees Party Favors & Decor
When you are entertaining or are attending an event, there is no better conversation starter than handmade decor that is unique and fun. WeesLees makes handmade paper sculptures in patterns and colors to match any decor. These sculptures are hand made in the USA from beautiful recycled materials of India. You are busy enough at an event preparing food and managing guests, adding these touches of elegance from WeesLees is as easy as hanging or setting them around the room where you see fit. The kids can even decorate with Weeslees so you get the elegance you want without hassle. 

You can order Weeslees to be shipped folded or flat and you have many designs to choose from. Not only does Weeslees add decor to your event or home, you can be assured you are decorating with earth-friendly materials. These are made from recycled cotton paper. Browse the patterns and order yours today for the Holidays at http://weeslees.com/
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