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Spice up your Halloween and fall season with Organic India

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Beneficial uses for some Organic India products

Are you looking for spices and foods that not only give your dishes a fun flavor, but add benefits like immune support or healthy inflammation responses? Let me introduce your to Chyawanprash and Turmeric.
What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash is a 100% organic jam that not only tastes great on breads or biscuits, but includes antioxidant-rich fruits such as Amalaki, loaded with natural herbs and boosts immunity. Just a teaspoon a day gives you the “Elixir of Life” with many nutritional benefits of immunity support, digestion and nutrient absorption support. It is also high in Vitamin C and is GMO free.
My son loves it on breakfast biscuits and it is great on crackers. You can be the talk of the party, providing guests such a beneficial and delicious spread. It almost smells like a fruitier version of fig and is that same consistency as paste spread. 
Why use Turmeric Formula?

Turmeric has a reputation of being a great supplement that cleanses the blood and lymph system and promotes a healthy immune and inflammatory system. It is also great for cellular health, skin, lungs, sinuses, joints and digestion. What a powerful spice!
You can take Turmeric as a capsule at 2 a day or do what I do and open the capsule to add it to your recipes. Turmeric goes great in soups, meatloaf, potato cakes, sauces for meats or vegetables, meat rubs, casseroles, pilafs and more!
Organic India has many beneficial beverages, foods and supplements you can add to any recipe to bring more than just great taste to that dish!

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