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Sparkling Whip ‘N Skip Summer Fun Guide

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Sparkler Whip ‘N Skip

Are you looking to stock up on summer fun toys that can entertain at home and perhaps go camping and on the road with you this summer? I love having new toys every summer to grab out at various times throughout the season or each new campground to keep the boys entertained. It is fun when it is a new toy or one I bring out on special trips. The Sparkling Whip ‘N Skip from Geospace is such a toy and it is portable and even when the sun goes down, the kids can enjoy the lights that sparkle even more in the dark. Day or night, the Sparkling Whip ‘N Skip entertains the kids-even the teenagers. I caught our 17 year old son stepping into it even though he tried to play it off a bit that he wasn’t playing with his little brothers toy-lol!

It is powered with LED lights and brings that popular 90’s toy back for our kids to enjoy just the same. They can even use the built-in counter to count each round they accomplish. Not only does it bring fun, but also a bit of challenge. Mastering the Whip ‘N Skip takes balance, endurance and coordination. It only requires 2AA batteries and it gets the kids off the couch or out of the lawn chairs and keeps them moving and burning energy.

Learn more and get your Whip ‘N Skip for this year’s summer fun at’NSkip

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