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Sparkler™ LED Jump Rope with Kinetic-Powered Lights

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On Valentine’s Day I like to have small gifts or treats on hand for the kids. My son will wake up and love coming to the breakfast to see what is waiting for him and then will get packed a treat in his lunchbox and then we typically have a fun dessert after dinner.

jumping rope led

My husband and I celebrate Valentine’s Day for each other but I don’t forget about the kids. They are our greatest love. The Sparkler™ LED Jump Rope with Kinetic-Powered Lights is a fun gift for the special day.

Geospace jump rope

The Sparkler™ LED Jump Rope with Kinetic-Powered Lights works without any batteries. It lights up as you jump creating energy that powers the LED lights.

jump roping jump

The jump rope is built with a durable design. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box besides it not being your typical jump rope was that the material is rugged and will last a long time. Geospace has a lot of fun toys that encourage active play.

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