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Soul Sessions: A Story of Love & Awakening book review

by Carson Gage
Release Date: December 9, 2014
As an Author myself of a non-fiction story about my emotional challenges as a Domestic Violence survivor, even I cannot come close to the vivid details Carson Gage was able to provide in a book that really felt like a non-fiction as well. Soul Sessions is a fiction story that follows the life of Nick Dalton who is a successful businessman and is moving through the motions of life with no real connections to anyone he meets. He sleeps with women as a sport, pours all of his energy into his job and feels empty as he realizes he is suffering from depression. After taking a friend’s recommendation to see a particular therapist, Nick begins a soul journey that is deep and ever revolving. Through Katrina, his therapist, Nick is sent deep into his own soul changing the way he has believed life to be after death (or before birth). When he doubts the afterlife and rebirth of souls, he encounters coincidences and chance meetings that begin to affirm what he is experiencing through his sessions with Katrina. The end of the book is not one of closure. In fact, the ending is pretty depressing in the sense of life occurrences, but when you see things in a new way and recognize that some occurrences happen for a reason, what seems to be unbearable circumstances turn into lessons that we hold in our soul forever.
I read this book in 3 nights-a little bit at a time before falling asleep. What struck me in similarity to my own story was the thoughts that run through Nick’s mind mimicked my own. These were thoughts of something missing despite being surrounded by those who love us. It was the depressive thoughts as one disengages from life a bit following any trauma. Nick missed a flight that ended up crashing and taking the lives of those on board and I spent years being abused in some horrific manners. It is not uncommon to question why these events occur for us and for myself I even talk in my own book about questioning God himself. I never saw a therapist or sought the help I really should have, but instead read a lot of books and did a lot of self-exploration and my ultimate healing therapy I did for myself was writing my book and sharing my story. In the end, I began to tell myself that I went through the abuse for a reason and perhaps that reason was to share my story and bring hope to others stuck in their own abusive cycles. 
Like the Author of Soul Sessions suggests, many times people or events enter our lives for a reason. I have met people who I can easily forget after our encounter and then I have met people that I feel an instant connection to. We all have experienced that in our lives and when we look back at those people we meet that we feel connections to and recollect events in our lives that are extreme highs or lows for us, one can’t help but try to find the meanings of these events. Soul Sessions allows us to explore these connections and takes you into a level of life and soul mates that you have never imagined on your own. No matter your beliefs of life or death, you will begin to relate your own life events to Nick’s and begin to question then put together the pieces of your life once scattered. This is what Nick did and so did I as we take what were empty and negative thoughts and turn them into lessons and positive energy. You can find ways to completely close chapters in your life and begin new chapters with hope and a greater love of those you meet and have in your life.
By the end of the book I had different insight to my own life experiences. Mine completely different than Nick Dalton’s but nonetheless ending in depression I suffered a few years ago because I decided to bury a difficult past experience. For Nick it was a plane crash and for me 6 years in a dangerous, abusive relationship I had escaped from. I highly recommend this book if you need to wrap yourself around experiences and why you seem to just exist and float through life with no real connections. You will make new connections with better awareness of who you may be to yourself and others. I am glad I read this!

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