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Soufeel Charm Jewelry

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

When it comes to jewelry, it is the charms that are on the top of a lot of wish lists for women and girls. Charm bracelets came about with options to buy charms that ‘tell your story’. I loved these, but could not afford the price tags that came with these bracelets and not to mention, the charms needed to fill the bracelet up. You can’t possibly have just one charm when you see the choices that offer you memories and reminders of family and hobbies. I waited for bundle deals and never saw any that also did not cost a fortune. I am so happy to say that I now own a charm bracelet and several charms. Soufeel allowed me to choose a bracelet and some charms. The best part about this set I chose is you can order one similar and this one totaled to under $135-sterling silver bracelet included!
I have charms that represent me as a Mom, Blogger, Coffee Lover and more! It is such a blast to browse the charms and the value you get can’t be beat at Soufeel.
Meet my Soufeel charms

This charm is the the Present with Pink Bow. I love the heart shape and pink is my favorite color.

As a Blogger, my camera is my lifeline! I had to get this one as it is a career statement.

This one is the green pear blossom from the Morano Glass collection. These are all a little bit of nature beneath a glass bead.

This is February’s charm sign-Aquarius.

This one is probably my favorite choice. I Love Coffee! Enough said!

Instead of having 3 boy charms for our 3 boys, I decided on one that reads Family! This is another favorite charm of mine!

When your jewelry can tell a story and bring you a constant reminder of who you are and who you are surrounded by, it is hard to leave home without it. I am so happy to have this bracelet and it becomes a conversation piece as well where you can tell stories and remind others of the special moments and people in your life.
Soufell has so many choices and such great prices! If you or someone you know is not ‘charmed’ yet, come over to Soufeel and take a look! Even if you own a charm bracelet of any brand, you’ll love the choices at Soufeel and the prices too! There are many ways to save!

Ways to save at

  • Free Ring with orders over $59.00,Free S925 Charm with orders over $79.00 Free Bracelet with orders over $99.00
  • Free shipping on orders over $50 & 365 day exchange/return guarantee
  • Save 5% using promo code Erinn5
All Soufeel charms fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets and are 925 sterling silver. And the customer can help recommend New Arrivals and Presale products each month!
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