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Songs about life from Mary J Blige’s new album #TheLondonSessions

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own #O2O

The London Sessions
by: Mary J Blige
Release Date: 12/2/14
Mary J Blige is known for her voice and songs about life. My personal life has involved domestic abuse, escaping a violent man, dating, marriage, friends who stayed, friends who burnt bridges and parenting. When I listen to music, I want it to tell a story I relate to. I don’t just listen to the melody, but the words. At this happy and joyous phase in my life, I love the positive messages and songs that speak about triumph and overcoming fears or obstacles. Even though I live a happy and healthy life right now, I will also hold onto those songs of struggle. When you find a song that relates to you, wether it was the past or present you, it grabs you. To hear your story, your struggles and your triumphs in a song allows you to reconnect with your soul and when you put a voice like Mary J Blige behind the words, you get to hear the emotions and mood that you feel as you sing the words. A song that speaks to you is food for the soul-it re-tells stories.
Iconic. London sounds. Popular Artists. Soul. Original. Honesty. A voice for our generation. Evolution. Refreshing.
London Sessions brings Mary’s voice and soul to London. This album includes her music shared with popular Artists such as Disclosure, Sam Smith (a favorite of mine as well), Jimmy Napes, Naughty Boy and more! This will be the album to talk about!
My Thoughts
Must I choose a favorite song? OK! Actually, it was easier than I though when I heard the words of Whole Damn Year. 10 years ago I met my husband after spending 6 years in a very violent relationship I had to escape from. This song reminded me of the black cloud that hung over my husbands and I relationship and eventually marriage. My husband is a 13 out of 10 in the way of best husband’s ever, but this black cloud was my wall! I built such an emotional wall to keep away the demons of my past without even realizing it until it broke me a few years ago. That was the wrong way to heal and although trust slowly came back, my husband had the strength of steel trying to pry his way to me emotionally in the very beginning and then again as the stress built too high and my wall came tumbling down leaving me in depression and withdrawn-PTSD. It was a long 6 years for me as a victim and a Whole Damn (years) to repair. That is what this song is about and it is a new favorite of mine!
Like Whole Damn Year-words heal and they connect people. The way I finally healed from my past was to write my book about being a survivor and life after Domestic Violence. It is songs like Mary J Blige and the soul that grabs you in the voice that makes the words so energetic. Words heal-they healed me by writing and they soothe me in music.
Mary J Blige will speak to you in a way that is unlike what she has produced before. Her voice, other artists voices and an iconic album!
Pre-order now! The album is live 12/2/14
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