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Socially Responsible Net Effects Totes

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When it comes to fashion a lot of the choices we make in a purchase has more to do with making statements than anything else. Colors and styles match our individual personalities and when it has a story or cause behind it, that makes us feel good. It’s like wearing a bit of good karma. The Net Effects Traders have totes and messenger bags that fulfill that good karma.
The bags are colorful and zero-waste designs crafted by Cambodian women. That means these bags were a job and livelihood for women in our world that otherwise find it hard to use their skills to earn a living. Everyone deserves a job and when that job involves our individual skills that makes us happier as we work. Having talented women around the world making products we feel proud to display is a win for everyone. We are paying for quality of a product as well as the quality of someone else’s life.

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The Net Effects bags are fun and I have the Brooklyn bag that my son loved so he now uses it to carry his laptop and movies when we leave the home. It is just the right size to hold a laptop and has an extra pocket for chargers and accessories. It zips and clips to close so your items are secure inside. The outer shell has a net/mesh feel. There is also a smaller pocket on the outside to hold your keys/phone. Very well made and the colors are great. if you are looking for a meaningful gift for someone or even for your own self, carry the bag that makes a statement and changes lives. Visit to see all products and learn more about how your purchase gives back.

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