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Soccer game night pizza party with Rustic Crust

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Living in Seattle means sports, coffee and good food! The Emerald City prides itself on living healthy, supporting our Seattle teams and taking a coffee break in our days. In my home, there are 2 games we never miss- our Seattle Seahawks NFL and Seattle Sounders MLS games. The best games are the mid-afternoon games where we make a fun midday meal and settle in on the couch to watch the team play. For a recent Seattle Sounders game, I was proud to pull out my Rustic Crust pizza ingredients along with some fridge leftovers and allow my son his own pizza party prior to game time.

I can’t remember the last time he was able to make his own pizza and he was so excited. He even grabbed his favorite turkey sandwich meat and included it-why not! I dropped and bent a crust and it ripped so I turned that one into cheese bread. My son loves fresh, cold veggies-he will eat a sandwich at shops with spinach, cucumbers, green peppers and onions, but cook them and put them on foods like pizza and he does not eat them. This is why I love finding brands like Rustic Crust. At 7, he does not realize that he gets cooked tomatoes in the form of sauce and with ingredients in the sauces and crust I love. 
Rustic Crust makes organic pizza crusts and sauce. The products are made in a traditional Old World style of hand formed and double proofed for the best flavor. They use select spices and herbs and are non-GMO and do not contain artificial ingredients. Rustic Crust also uses unbleached whole grain flours and you will not find any trans fats or added sugars! Best yet-they are made in the USA!
When was the last time you had a pizza party? Pizza parties can be a blast with a group of kids or can be fun and meaningful with Mom and Dad prior to game time. We loved the flavors that were unlike any pizza we have ever enjoyed at home. The pizza was delicious and the Sounders won. Now that I know my local QFC carries the brand, I can stock back up for next game day! The NFL seasons is starting and we’ll have many more of these pizza game parties! 
You can even BBQ your Rustic Crust pizza as shown in this recipe video!
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