Snuggle has new summer scents

This is a promotional post for Snuggle. Opinions are my own

Introducing NEW Snuggle Summer Scents

With summer here, Snuggle wanted to bring those pleasant summer scents into our homes with two new scented products.
Snuggle® Scent Boosters Wild Orchid Wonder®

The scents of vanilla and wild orchid are packed into these scent boosters. Simply toss one in the drum with your clothes and add your detergent like normal. These boost packs deliver extra freshness as your clothes wash. The Wild Orchid Wonder also comes in liquid laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

Snuggle® Scent Boosters and Exhilarations Island Collection®

The scents of Island Hibiscus and Rainflower® also come in booster, liquid and dryer sheets to give your laundry smelling it’s best with the same softness Snuggle has always delivered.

What summer scent are you?

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