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Snug Plug n Play Headphones for Kids

This is a promotional post. Opinions are my own

Snug Plug n Play Kids headphones are just the comfort your child desires in an over the ear headset. They are soft and cushion the ears and are in colors the kids love! My son’s favorite color is red and that’s what I chose for him. We have headphones we keep in the car, his room and RV. Many times he wants to here songs and play games on his tablet the rest of the house or car occupants don’t wish to listen to. However, I worry about volume so I only allow him to use kid-safe headphones like these.
I suppose he likes the comfort when I arrive at my destination and look back to see this. Just a few minutes prior he was singing away….
Features of the Snug Plug n Play Headphones
  • Made for kids 3+
  • 6 colors to choose from
  • Adjustable headband
  • Left & Right side clearly marked
  • Universal compatibility with 3.5mm jack
  • Lightweight & durable
These are a great gift for the Holidays or sooner if the sound of their downloads is not pleasant enough for you ears! Find Snug Plug n Play headphones on Amazon.

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