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It’s Snowing in Hawaii – Children’s Book Review

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snowing in Hawaii

It’s Snowing in Hawaii

by: Mike Guardia

It has been a cold winter for everyone. The northeast has been under blankets of snow and ice. In the Pacific Northwest the ski resorts are booming in business from the dumping of snow in the mountains. I even have family in California posting storm warnings because it rained more than 3 days in a row. Everyone has seen weather shift and then there is Hawaii. It can get cold and it can rain but it doesn’t snow. What would it be like if it did snow? The new children’s book, It’s Snowing in Hawaii is a fun look at the places and people in Hawaii and how they may react to a snow event.


When it snows and freezes in Hawaii, sailors can skate on Pearl Harbor, snowmen would wear hula skirts and the surfers would learn to ride snow mobiles. If you have visited Hawaii you may appreciate the illustrations of some familiar sites under a blanket of white. Available now on Amazon.

About the Author

Mike Guardia is the renowned author of several history books, including Hal Moore and Shadow Commander.  However, being the father of two young girls has inspired him to write It’s Snowing in Hawaii – his first children’s book.  He currently lives in Texas.  Follow him online

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