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Sneaky’s Popcorn fits many diet plans

This is a promotional post for Sneaky’s Popcorn

With so many foods, we have so many ingredients. Some are natural and others simply are not meant to be in your food! Popcorn is a popular snack and I have even seen it listed in some nutrition guides as an acceptable snack. Did you know that if you get your popcorn from a microwave popped bag, it is anything but acceptable on so many levels? From the bag that popcorn is popped in to the ingredients used in the flavoring and oils, you may think twice before popping another bag! Finding a popcorn  that is made healthy from the bag it is in to the ingredients added is the best option for you popcorn lovers! Let me explain why and then I will introduce you to a local brand near me called Sneaky’s popcorn that fits many diet plans and has the benefits of superfoods also!
What is in your microwavable popcorn?

The bag: Do you remember the articles and complaints about the PFOA coatings on Teflon pots and pans? This ingredient stays in the human body and environment for very long periods of times. PFOA is being linked to infertility and some cancers and it lines your microwave popcorn bag! 
The Fats: Some popular brands use partially hydrogenated sunflower oils or trans fats as we know them. We know trans fats to be the most deadly fats we can consume leading to heart attacks and other heart and vascular issues.
The Preservatives: Many popular brands use either Propyl Gallate that most countries do not put in their foods anymore. It is linked to many conditions from skin to gastrointestinal disturbances. TBHQ is another popular preservative in these popcorns and is a chemical made from butane-seriously!
The Butter: You’ll want to stay away from diacetyl used for flavoring in some popular brands. Why? The FDA is currently studying whether claims that humans can suffer lung disease from this chemical is possible. The medical community uses the term “popcorn workers lung” as they treat popcorn factory workers who suffer from a debilitating respiratory disease assumed to be caused by inhaling of this chemical. Mmmmm-want some diacetyl-flavored microwaved PFOA popcorn anyone?
Now that I just totally ruined your day or even life about that bag of microwave popcorn sitting in your pantry that you now feel like using an oven mitt to remove and toss, there are some great brands offering delicious popcorn for you to still enjoy and you don’t have to wait 3 minutes to prepare it!
About Sneaky’s Popcorn

About 2 hours south of me is a town called Lacey, Wa near Olympia. It is here that Sneaky’s was born. They not only make a popcorn you do not have to feel bad about consuming (no butane or PFOA’s included), but they also add some extra healthy into their bags. Sneaky’s popcorn includes super foods and is made in a gluten-free kitchen. You won’t find 8 of the most highly allergen foods in the ingredients such as gluten, dairy, nuts, soy and more. 
The super food that is found in Sneaky’s popcorn is Spirulina. Spirulina is packed with easily digestible protein, vitamins, minerals, bio-available iron and Omega 3,6 and 9. There is 26 times more calcium in Spirulina than milk and 6 times more protein than an egg. 
Sneaky’s Vision:
  • To rethink ingredients and rethink purpose.
  • To inspire creativity and a renewed curiosity around functional foods and nutrition.
  • To support sustainable agriculture and access to non-GMO foods.
  • To create innovative products, source nutritious ingredients and create a business supply chain that is beneficial to our community.
You can buy this delicious popcorn that my son would not stop devouring at and select locations near Olympia Wa.

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