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Snacks for your 4th of July Celebrations

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This is a product review for Boulder Canyon, Vidalia and TGI Fridays Snack foods
What flavors do you like?

Fireworks, Grilling, Staying up late, Friends & Family! These are all a part of our 4th of July celebrations every year. Along with the celebrations, we eat and we eat a lot! Snack foods or finger foods are the most popular because it is less clean up and we are busy socializing and tend to eat as we walk around. What snack flavors do you enjoy?

I love onion flavored snacks and I am not a fan of spicy, but do like zesty! My boys will eat anything cheesy and bacon flavored. Finding snacks that will appeal to everyone can be difficult, but with some common flavors like onion and bacon, you are sure to please the majority!
TGI Fridays Bacon Ranch Potato Skins

These will be a hit! They are made from real potatoes and they have a dark side and a light side, just like real potato skins do. They are seasoned with bacon and zesty ranch and are delicious!

Vidalia Brands Zesty Ranch Sweet Onion Petals

These snacks are made with real vidalia sweet onion puree. Better yet, they are gluten-free with zero Trans Fat and only 130 calories per serving. They cook these snacks in better-for-you sunflower oils. Don’t serve artificial snacks to your guests when you can feed them delicious, real food!

Boulder Canyon Sweet Vidalia Kettle Chips

My household is a huge fan of Boulder Canyon chips. My husband won’t eat sweets or fried snacks and will only eat baked chips. Boulder Canyon is always priced well and are made with slow-cooked American grown potatoes. They are gluten free and have zero trans fats

Don’t get caught serving fried foods. Give your guests or bring to the party the baked snacks like these that are sure to be a hit! Stay safe and snack away!

You will find these flavors at most grocers and drugstores.

Parenting healthy was provided above products for review. Any opinions are 100% my own.

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