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Smile At Your Challenges: The largest dose of inspiration is served in this book

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This is a review for the Book: Smile At Your Challenges by Danielle Pashko

Finding a book review is a rare thing on Parenting Healthy which is ironic as I am about to publish a self-help book myself real soon. Although rare I do book reviews, I have done a few because I really relate to the topic. I am not a reader, but I love to be inspired. When I do read, it is non-fiction and aimed at helping me grow as an individual. I like a little dose of inspiration and spirituality to keep me grounded and Smile At Your Challenges by Danielle Pashko is a new favorite of mine.
The book I am writing fits into this genre of inspiration and overcoming obstacles. For me, it was surviving a Domestic Violence relationship only to completely shut down and trap myself in my own emotional prison for many years after escaping. With Danielle, it was the trials of losing her mother to breast cancer. With an absent father, this left her alone and eventually struggling by herself with thyroid cancer. Where I hid behind a computer to avoid emotions and to stay locked up in my own set of walls I had built, Danielle lived the model life making herself feel fulfilled as a model who lived the gluten-free, active lifestyle with fancy clothes and enjoying privileges at the best fitness clubs. Like I did, she realized that none of it truly brought fulfillment. Happiness does not come externally, but within. But, how do you find happiness within? It is not easy, but it certainly is possible. It is why I chose to review this book. I needed to answer that exact question for myself.
Some of my favorite quotes from this book are:
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
“I wish you the luck of the ugly girls,”
“I strongly believe that life is a series of lessons and that we were put in our unique bodies to have all the experiences we were given”
Danielle will teach you how to analyze those in your life and how to let go of those bringing only negativity and choosing to keep those who truly have your best interests at heart. Happiness comes from within, but is supported on the outside by a good, sturdy structure made of people in your life who give and not just take. You will learn that no matter how much you do or don’t expose yourself in a health-related manner, and that you have control over some illnesses or outside influences that can make you sick. Spending so much energy on preventing what you cannot control robs you of precious energy better spent living a more fulfilled life. Danielle also teaches you that you are not alone. Once you build this positive energy circle around yourself, you become more in tuned to the bad and good around you. You become strong enough to let go of people and situations that bring your down. You strive to only move forward-never backwards. 

Smile At Your Challenges: It takes more than just going gluten-free, drinking green juice, and practicing yoga to solve your problems is available in Amazon.

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