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SmartComfort Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow Giveaway

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SmartComfort Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow Giveaway

This past July I took my son to NYC for a toy conference and it was a 6.5 hour flight. I packed well except for one mistake. I did not bring a travel pillow or blanket for myself. About 15 minutes into the flight the woman beside me fell a asleep with her head nearly into my space. My son was on the other side of me and had the window to lean on and I sat straight up. My bum hurt and my head was never comfortable enough to be able to fall asleep.

In NYC I bought a neck pillow on the way home at a souvenier shop and it was so flat and useless I used it about the first hour of the flight back then no more. When I was offered the SmartComfort Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow for review I was excited to try what appeared to be a quality travel pillow.

I immediately felt the fantastic quality and the memory foam is so comfortable. It doesn’t lave my neck in an awkward position when I have it on and the fabric is super soft and feels great to lean on. I can easily sit straight up on a plane and comfortably sleep. Having a pinched nerve in my shoulder that gets aggravated frequently it really supports my neck well which helps out my shoulder a ton.

SmartComfort Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow Giveaway

Want to win a Smart Comfort Neck Pillow for yourself? Enter below. Open to US and ages 16+. Ends on 12/22/2017.

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