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SmartBuckle solutions for Cat and Dog Safety

When we got our son his puppy last year he was so excited as we shopped for puppy toys and essentials for the first time. He was really excited to pick her out an ID tag to engrave and hang on her collar. Then a few weeks later while outside and rough housing we realized it came off of her collar and never was found. Just like that she was without ID.

Since then we have her microchipped, but if a dog is found without a collar or tag an average household does not have a scanner handy and then how do you quickly find that pet’s home unless a clinic or shelter is open? SmartBuckle is an easy solution!

SmartBuckle collars have built-in tag ID’s. It’s as easy as downloading the app and registering your collar and then if your pet is found, there are instructions with a website so that you can be contacted quickly.

They come is great colors and sizes for your pet. You may also choose to get a SmartBuckle harness with this same technology for even more dog safety.

SmartBuckle integrates a stainless steel plate with a unique I.D. tag that is embedded within the buckle design itself – this means no dangling, no annoying noises, and no chance of your dog or cat playing with and potentially losing the tag.

Order the Standard Protective Collar (register the collar and when found, that person will get your contact via the website they are directed to) or the Plus Protective Collar (also uses TrackR’s global Crowd Locate network of finders to help you located your furry friend via a chip behind the collar buckle) or Premium Protective Collar and Beacon (includes all of the above features, as well as our Bluetooth module, which communicates with our miniature Wi-Fi beacon, which establishes a first line of defense, or a “Bluetooth Fence.”)

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