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Smart911 is available nationwide and will save time in an emergency

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Have you ever had to make the dreaded 911 call for an emergency. If you have, you know how desperate that 911 operator is at needing every detail possible to relay to responders. This takes time and heavens forbid if the call is coming from a small child who may not know alerts such as allergies or medical history on who they are having to call for. You may already have this active in your community. With Smart911, you can enter your zip code to see availability in your area. If available, create a fast and free account filling in all the blanks that the 911 operator will see when a call is made. This saves times and potentially saves lives. Take the time now, in the calm, to give Smart911 all the information they need on our family and even house structure. The responders will use this to provide the a better response and scene maintenance so you and the responders can focus on the best ways to handle your emergency.

If you watch the video above, you learn that you can even provide a floor plan in your profile. How great would that be in the event of a fire or disaster for responders to know where bathrooms are kids may go hide in or bedrooms kids may be in. They can find gas shut off easier and so much more. 
What can you provide in your Smart911 profile?
  • Family members with names, gender, age & photo if you want to upload
  • Pet info
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Medical history
  • Floor Plan
  • Address & it shows your home on map to confirm this IS your address
  • Mobile number-confirm with verification code
  • Address with photo of home-gate access codes, utility info, etc..
  • Emergency contacts

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