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Smart Touch Can Opener: Perfect kitchen gadget gift for the Holidays

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Smart Touch Can Opener: as seen on HSN

If there is one gift that I will always enjoy getting, it is kitchen gadgets. I tend to give them as gifts as well because who doesn’t like help in the kitchen? I am not a novice cook, but I will always try new recipes and love when I have the right tools in my kitchen. The Smart Touch Can Opener as seen on HSN recently also touches my least favorite kitchen issue-sharp can edges! I cringe every time I toss one in the trash. I do put them back in the can, but I have images of cut fingers when the trash gets taken out. When I was asked to review this product, I was excited to try it.

It arrived the morning I was making my Cranberry Cheesecake for Thanksgiving dinner we were having on the Wednesday night. My first experience was a bit comical as I could not get it to cut the can for the life of me until I realized my can of cranberries is to be open from the bottom. The labels are upside down! I had watched the same video that is below prior to receiving the Smart Touch so I had an idea of how it releases the lid after the cut is made. It seemed to cut the can below the lip then cycles back around to bend in the edges then releases itself. Smart (pardon the pun)!
About Smart Touch Can Opener
  • Opens cans, bottles and jars
  • Place on lid and press button. It does the rest!
  • No sharp edges left behind
  • Strong magnet prevents lid from falling into the can
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable blade unit for easy cleaning
  • Small and fits in a drawer
To learn more, see the video below or visit Viatek’s recent blog post about the debut of the Smart Touch Can Opener on HSN

This post is part of my Friday favorites review segment. If you are a brand and have a product you feel fits this segment, please contact me at erinnsluka@gmail (dot)com.
Disclaimer: I was provided the above product for review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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7 thoughts on “Smart Touch Can Opener: Perfect kitchen gadget gift for the Holidays”

  1. The Smart Touch can opener looks awesome, and I really like that it doesn't leave behind any sharp edges. I desperately need a new can opener. I cut my finger open pretty badly a few months ago on a sharp edge of a can that wouldn't open completely because our can opener was just so old and on its last legs. We got a new one, but it's also a manual can opener that is pretty hard to twist and use.

    Also, funny thing… the labels on my cranberry sauce (which was even a different brand than the one in your pictures) were also upside down! Great cranberry sauce conspiracy?

  2. This looks cool! I got an electric can opener one year as a Christmas gift, but it took up too much space on the counter, so I never use it. But this, since you can just throw it in a drawer afterward, absolutely!

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