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Smart Cookies game teaches logic and reasoning skills in young kids #foxmind

This is a promotional post for FoxMind Games

by FoxMind Games
With toys coming out of our ears around my home, board games and magazines are becoming some of my favorite gifts to have my kids receive. Our boys are ages 6, 17 and 22 and the 6 and 17 year old still live at home. With an age difference like we have between our boys, my youngest needs games that are 1-2 players only. The best 1-player games tend to be some of the most educational. We find logic and puzzles to be the most popular with him and he can play them by himself. Smart Cookies Board Game by FoxMind games is available on Amazon and is a fun game of logic and reasoning. These are all skills kids need in every subject they learn so it strengthens those skills in a way that is fun and who doesn’t like playing with cookies?
At 6 1/2, my son plays this very well and it really challenges him. He does not require much help unless he is truly stuck. Here is how the game works….
Smart Cookies comes with 9 cookies in 3 shapes and 3 colors, a puzzle book with 64 puzzles and their solutions, Instruction booklet and 9-grid game board.

Object of the game: Solve the logic puzzles by placing 9 cookies on a 3 x 3 grid in a way that respects all give clues

How to Play:
There are 64 puzzles to solve and each puzzle has the solutions listed in the back of the game booklet. The 64 puzzles are divided into 8 sections that gradually get more challenging. There are verbal and visual clues. The clues will resemble a positive or negative space indicating where to place each cookie. As you progress, you get color or shapes and have to find the correct cookie for each space. As you can see above. You start on clue #1 and it tells you where NOT to place the Yellow Circular cookie by the negative (check) marks. Then it gives open white spaces stating where it likely goes. As you move through this puzzle you get those paint color markers instead of the cookie as visual clues. This means one of the ‘red’ or ‘blue’ cookies left (you guess which) is to be used for this step. My son is on 16 of 64 puzzles so you can see how challenging it gets before we are halfway through. 
Smart Cookies really works that brain and gets those logic and reasoning skill wheels turning. It was named 2013 10 Best Educational Games by Dr. Toy. I can believe it. This is a very well-thought out game and each piece is made with quality materials. We have a family board game night coming for my son’s school in a few weeks and we will be taking Smart Cookies with us.
Buy your Smart Cookies Board Game today as a gift or to add to your homeschooling activities. 

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