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Small Business Support-The SnapRak for your locker

This is not a sponsored post. I was not compensated.

The best kept secret for any Tween or Teen is their locker! It is the only private space they own and no one tells them how to keep it. However, as a parent I would guess that the photo above on the left would about mimic what most lockers look like. You finally get your own space and no storage is available. As unorganized as your child may be, this can be frustrating when they have only moments to switch items in and out of the locker between classes. Nothing starts the day or afternoon off by feeling rushed and even arriving late to class because you just cannot get organized. Perhaps it is practice for parenthood down the road! We can all relate.
What is SnapRak?

SnapRak is the key to your child’s feeling of independence and organizational needs in that small cube they hide from all! This rack can be set up in about 18 different ways for the space and compartment needs for your child. What about fitting it into the narrow locker door entrance? No problem? They have all the dimensions covered for that locker! It comes in pink, violet, green and royal blue. More colors can become available with a successful campaign.

How do I get this for your locker needs?

The Indiegogo campaign is your ticket to a SnapRak locker tool. Just a $20 pledge holds you a SnapRak of your own and the money helps the business achieve their goals. It is a win-win for your child or perhaps your own locker needs and it helps a growing business. The campaign ends 9/14/2014 so hurry!
Support a new product and think SnapRak for your child’s private space! All we can do is provide them the tools-I bet you’ll find this is the one tool they will use in that private space of theirs! An organized space provides a more efficient and motivated student!
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