Small Business Feature: Sustainable and durable Dandycan Headphones campaign

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If you read my blog, you know I love to feature random small businesses who need the push for crowd funding when they are trying to supply us fun and innovative products or services. Dandycan caught my attention as a mother of boys who tries so hard to buy products that are earth-friendly and/or sustainable. Dandycan took headphones, deleted unnecessary parts, added only quality ones that are needed to bring a product with amazing acoustics that should last a lifetime. How many headphones have you gone through? With a house of boys, I have gone through so many that it is such a waste! When a part breaks, we throw them away. Dandycan is correct in that so many headphones add unnecessary parts, many of them plastic and not very sustainable and we get bulky and unattractive headphones out of it. These headphones are pretty sexy if you ask me! Sorry, perhaps I could have described them as sleek or attractive instead? You’ll need to see more for yourself.
There is so much to learn about these headphones and guess what? With as low as a $10 pledge, you can win a pair for yourself! See the details on the pledge column at their campaign page link above! 1 in 10 will win and they have 100 pairs to giveaway!
Campaign ends 10/3/2014. Share now and support a small business using less to bring us more in a product we use everyday!

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