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Slow Cooker Family Favorites Cookbook #HolidayGiftGuide

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Slow Cooker Family Favorites

Slow Cooker Family Favorites

by: Maggie Shi

I love my crock pot! It really saves me on busy days when I need to throw something together in the morning because I won’t be home until late in the day. Sometimes the only free time I have is in the morning and then it’s a thousand little things all day long. I want my family to have wholesome meals and not take out or quick frozen meals. If I take a few extra minutes to plan, I can allow my slow cooker to do the cooking for me.

Slow Cooker Party Mix

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato

Slow Cooker Family Favorites is a recipe book full of kid-tested and family favorite slow cooker meals. Whether you are cooking for guests or need dinner to be ready for you on a busy day, you will find recipes in here to save you time.

Slow Cooker Greena

The recipes in this book include dips, warm drinks, side dishes, pastas, desserts and party appetizers. I even saw several recipes that can be made with your holiday meal leftovers. I have several dishes I make in my slow cooker, but I found some I would have never though to make this way. Find Slow Cooker Family Favorites on Amazon. It is a prime qualifier and a great gift idea.

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Lisa Coomer Queen

This cookbook sounds awesome! I’d love to get it for my granddaughter. That is what she wants for Christmas cookbooks and cooking supplies. Thanks!

tiffany dayton

I find this cookbook awesome. I use the slow cooker a lot.