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Welcome to the Sleepace Review


It is the most important daily task we need to do for our bodies along with eating and exercise and that task is sleep! How is your sleep? Many of you just rolled your eyes or sighed right now and I am sure of it! We are busy and we are worriers by nature so to shut ourselves off for a third of the day is difficult. We know we need it, so there are times we turn to sleep aids or even counseling to find a way to get the best sleep possible.


What is funny is that I always thought I was a poor sleeper. I wake up a time or two to use the bathroom in the night and sometimes take a while to fall asleep. I wake up to the slightest sound and have a husband who snores so when I am ever asked if I sleep well I laugh. There is no way I have a good sleep score. Then I used my new Sleepace Sleep Monitor for a few nights and was pleasantly surprised. I scored as high as a 97% in a night’s sleep. This was important because to see that score was encouraging and I think it left me with a bit more confidence the next night that my sleep WAS effective and important. Seeing a score is truly a great feeling.



Your Sleepace will only run you about $149 and then there are no more costs after that. It works with it’s free Sleepace app. The app accurately measures your heart rate, turning over, body movement, left bed as well as the ratio of light, mid and deep sleep. You get daily, weekly and monthly sleep reports and can share those results with family or doctors. How was your score? Don’t worry if it is not that great because within the app you can get professional sleep advice and services. You can also set an alarm to wake you. The app is available on Android and iOS.



There are no buttons to mess with on the unit. The unit comes with a charging cord and a strap with monitor attached that runs under your sheet. The top plate on the monitor detaches and when you see the Sleepace logo upside down, the unit is off. If it is right side up like the photo above, the unit is on. Simply turn the plate around to turn on and off!


Get a smarter sleep today! Know your score and get the tips you need for the results that came directly form your body as you slept. No more guessing at the best techniques. When you know exactly how you sleep, you can make the changes that are best for you.
Get started today –> Sleepace

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