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Sleep Naturally with The Pillow form SmartSilk

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This is a product review for Smart Silk

Our bed is sometimes the most neglected spot of the house when it comes to proper accessories yet it is supposed to be the most important place we go to give our bodies the rest it deserves. We splurge on clothing and beauty supplies and tend to feel it unnecessary to splurge on pillows and mattresses. If there is one item you should splurge on next or even add to your holiday wish list-it is a good pillow. I am using The Pillow by SmartSilk as an example of a pillow that is all natural and made for you to get the best rest possible.
The Pillow by SmartSilk has no irritating products stuffed inside. It is certified asthma and allergy friendly according to US and Canada standards. Many pillows have fibers that are irritating and many times the reactions are just slight enough to make you wonder why you wake up stuffed or feeling lethargic. Your head, sinus cavity and airway are closest to your pillow for many hours straight and if you are resting on irritating fibers, your body will react. Try switching to a natural fiber pillow and after some time see if you wake up feeling less stuffed up or lethargic. I bet you will notice the difference!
SmartSilk uses an all-natural cotton shell with all natural silk fill liner. The material is breathable so it leaves you that cool feeling all the time. No flipping to find that fresh and cool spot. It has moisture wicking properties so if night sweats is common for you, you are not left with a contaminated or stained pillow over time. It is machine washable and dryer friendly.
Head over to SmartSilk and take the Smart Comfort quiz. Just a few questions about your sleep position and body size will give you your comfort level. I took the quiz and am a Level 3. From there, you can find the pillow that will work best for you then choose your pillow size and you will have delivered a better sleep then you have ever known. What are you waiting for? Your body deserves a better sleep!
I have the Queen Size pillow and the sleep #2 King size (my favorite). OK-I HAD the queen size pillow. but my husband keeps stealing it from me so the King is now mine and I love it! It is so soft and if a pillow can FEEL natural, this is what natural sleep feels like. It really does stay cool all night. I am a side sleeper and this pillow is day and night (pardon the pun) then my cheap old pillow I was using!
Visit to learn more. Following them on Facebook and Twitter will keep you informed as well!
Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. Any opinions are 100% my own.

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