Skylanders SuperChargers news from Comic-Con

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Many kids dream of Disneyland and Water Parks, unless you are my 7 year old! He dreams of attending Comic-Con and Toy Fair in NYC. He loves watching You Tube videos of his favorite gaming families attending these conventions. He is so enamored that perhaps taking the family to NYC on a trip next year around the time of one of these events is something we are considering. I should actually consider letting him write this post about the new Skylanders SuperChargers that will be in stores on Sept 20 because he knows more than I do, but I have been learning a lot too and want to share more information with you as September is getting closer!
Last month, I brought you the news that 2 new Skylander characters are being added to the Supercharger set- Nintendo’s popular Donkey Kong & Bowser will be playable characters with vehicles. These are 2 of about 20 characters with vehicles that you can add to your character collection from the SuperChargers series. You can refer to that post to learn all you need to about the new Skylanders SuperChargers before the debut including the character and vehicle list.
Pre-Order now!
If you missed Comic-Con (like we did-boohoo), I was able to read on what was taking place and new information for all of you Skylander fans. With new game set releases, there is always some special edition set. At Comic-Con, Activision showcased the new Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition. You were able to pre-order the new version, however anyone can go online to your local game or toy store and preorder any set now. What a fun Back to School surprise for the kids!
Skylanders SuperCharger Dark Edition Pack

With buying the Dark Edition pack, you get unique toys with the portal to add to your Skylanders character collection. It comes with Dark Spitfire, Dark Hotstreak, a 2-sided poster and the popular Kaos Trophy! This trophy is the only way you can unlock special Kaos game plays. Good luck finding it at times on it’s own, so this edition is a great set to start with. The kits will sell for about $99.99 and will include figures depending on the system you buy for.
NEW Eon’s Elite Collectible Figures

Wave 1 of these new figures will be available in November and this wave will be Toys R Us exclusive. The second wave will follow in December. Remember Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure? Eons Elite figures will bring back these characters into their powered-up status and behind a 3-D lenticular background for the true collection experience. With characters like Voodood, Zook, Slam Bam, Ghost Roaster, Boomer and Dino-Rang, they will be available again powered up to 3 times their normal level with new poses and decor. These will go fast so be ready! Each collectible will sell for about $19.99

Missing Comic-Con means we missed seeing new themed toys, Skylanders costumes by Rubie’s and even Skylanders Universe Mad Lib and comic series or Penguin published books! I just introduced my son to Mad Libs and we love doing these together so I am on the hunt for themed Mad Libs now that we missed seeing at the event. 

Can you feel the Skylanders excitement? If you have a fan in your home, I guarantee they feel it!
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