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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Skylanders Imaginators

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It’s here. On October 16, 2016 Activision debut it’s newest Skylanders portal game. Skylanders  Imaginators is back and now you can create the Skylanders. All you need is an element crystal to start creating and a Master or Sensei to train your new Skylanders. You get these in the starter pack so you are ready to create right out of the box. This game comes with the newest portal you need for the play pieces.

There are 2 new feature play options with the Skylanders Imaginators.

  1. Skylanders Creator App-Read More!
  2. Online Mini Games- Read More!


See Anthony’s Unboxing Video and watch below some first steps in photo of how to get started creating your Skylander. He chose to start with Fire.


The Skylanders Imaginators Starter Pack will be available for the suggested retail price of $74.99 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game and entertainment systems from Microsoft, PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment systems and Nintendo’s Wii Usystem.  It supports all 300+ Skylanders from previous games.




Visit Skylanders.com to learn more.  Keep a lookout for a Special Halloween Candy-Coated Chopscotch + Skylanders Halloween costumes- forego the candy and give fans a Halloween themed version of the new Sensei character- a perfect addition to trick-or-treat bags! Portal Masters can dress up like their favorite Skylanders characters with costumes available at retailers nationwide! Happy Skylanders Creating!


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Gladys Parker

Oh how my grandson would love this. It seems all his friends are Slylander fans too. As his grandmother I love that it is compatible with all 300 Skylanders.


This does sound interesting to say the least. I don’t know anyone who is into this type of game anymore or I would surely tell them about it.