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Skin Damage From the Sun Happens Year Round – Giveaway

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In the winter you don’t keep the same concern of sun exposure and sunburns as you don in the fall and winter. When the sun burns hot in the sky we hardly leave home without the sunscreen. The truth is that the risk of sunburn decreases in the winter, but not the risk of skin damage from the sun. Goddess Garden has sun protection for your face made with ingredients that are real and effective.


So I took the challenge. Why? I have never been strict on adding sunscreen to my winter beauty routine. By using the Goddess Garden Under the Sun Pre-Sunscreen Serum with the Face the Dat Sunscreen and Firming Primer I wondered how this may improve my skin. I turn 40 next month and am already seeing skin changes.

sun care

Did you know that the snow reflects back 80-percent of UVA rays, nearly doubling your exposure?

Did you know UV increases by nearly four percent for every 1,000-foot increase in elevation?

Did you know that while UVB rays are mostly blocked by glass and clouds, 50- to 60-percent of UVA rays go right through windows?

Did you know that we’re closest to the sun about two weeks after the winter solstice. We’re the furthest from the sun about two weeks after the summer solstice?

Did you know that the Ozone acts like the Earth’s sunscreen, filtering out and protecting us from harmful UV rays. In the Northern Hemisphere, ozone levels are generally the lowest from December to March?

All of these facts are found on the Goddess Garden Blog to help us understand the importance of sun care for our skin year round. If these facts stun you, it is time to add that protection all year round. I love that Goddess Garden takes special care with the ingredients they use in their skincare lines.

goodness goddess

The Under the Sun serum is full of vitamins for my skin and helps my mineral sunscreen go on smooth for an even coverage. The Face the Day lotion is a Delicious Living 2016 “Best Suncare” award winner. It repairs and readies my skin for the day and lessens the look of sun damage.

Goddess Garden-Before
Goddess Garden-Before Suncare Photo

I am convinced. I am now adding these sun care products to my skin regimen everyday. I will be back with the results in 90 days. That takes me to about May-just before the summer season starts. I am anxious to see how this protects and repairs my skin. I will only mention in this photo that my allergies are very bad and I get the dark circles under my eyes that relieve themselves in late spring. Otherwise I am anxious to see if some of the redness and the start of some aging spots I see diminish.

Do you think I will see results after 90 days?

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win this combo-Under the Sun serum and Face the Day lotion. Open to US and ends on 2/28. Good luck!

Skincare giveaway

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