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Sir William the Brave Knight Helps Your Child Sleep at Night

We have all experienced it, just ask that child left deep down within us. We either spent nights afraid of the dark, recurring nightmares, anxiety and even separation anxiety from Mom or Dad at night. Our kids go through it too. There are so many sleep books and tools to use and one that has great reviews is the Magical Order of Brave Knights. After all, Knights are some of the bravest!

This comes as a kit and everything inside that collectively helps your child sleep easier.

Sir William Bear is the plush Knight. He is soft and has a sweet face and strong armor to reassure your child that they are being protected while they sleep.

The Book, The Magical Order of Brave Nights (Prince or Princess), is about a young boy who fears bedtime, the dark, nightmares and especially monsters hiding under his bed. The story highlights the special bond that develops after Cooper awakes to find Sir William standing on his bed. This is so much more than just another bedtime story. This tale highlights themes of courage, love, and friendship.

The Magical Light is for your child to hold. It projects eight beautifully illustrated images and its magic is in its ability to chase away monsters wherever they may hide. Use it at bedtime, in the dark, or if they wake up in the middle of the night.

This set is not about guarantee or as a magical wand to erase fear or anxiety. The Magical Order of Brave Nights is about developing strategies to conquer separation anxiety and nighttime fears and replace it with happiness and blissful sleep. 

Your child will also get a small gift to arrive later in the mail after they receive their kit. So, they know their brave Knight is checking in on them. Give the gift of sleep this season. Order your Magical Order of Brave Nights kit.

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