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Simply Delish All Natural Desserts & Making Pudding

I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a box of pudding or Jello mix. I see the little typed wording that reads ‘artificial’ and I just have to put it back on the shelf. My son loves pudding and is starting to show an interest in cooking at the age of 10. Starting with easy recipes as he learns to read instructions is best and he was actually able to make his own pudding!

This is because I can now buy boxes of gelatin and pudding because Simply Delish is all natural and even sugar and lactose free! Yay for this little lactose intolerant child of ours!

Not only is Simply Delish all natural desserts lactose and sugar free, they are also gluten free, fat free, GMO free and vegan. What flavors do you want?

The Simply Delish Pudding comes in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The Simply Delight Jel Desserts come in unflavored, orange, peach, raspberry and strawberry.

Making the pudding is as easy and mixing the contents with milk (we use a lactose-free milk) and let is sit a few moments and enjoy. When teaching a child to cook and read directions, it is great to start with a food that will be ready fast so they get that instant gratification. He did good!

Let me tell you, it is delicious! We made chocolate to start and now I cannot wait to make the other flavors. Anthony asked me to get some crust and make strawberry in a pie crust so once I get back to the grocery store I’ll get some fun additions for the Strawberry pudding and make something fun for the Easter holiday!

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