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Simply Chickie USA Made, certified organic cotton baby and toddler products

Comment: I have partnered with Simply Chickie with this 2020 FALL-ing for Baby event. I was sent product and all opinions are my own

Simply Chic USA Made, certified organic cotton baby and toddler products

When baby arrives so many small moments begin to happen. Within those small moments we always seek the best of everything for them. Here is a small moment and a ‘best of everything’ that came full circle with my son who is now 12.

Honey Bee onesie

When my son was a newborn it took a bit to realize that what was a comfort to me I was manifesting onto him. I always have cold feet and hardly ever walk around without socks. I even sleep with socks on. My husband could never understand how I could sleep with socks on, but cold is so uncomfortable for me and if my feet are cold my entire body is cold. I was always keeping socks on my son. Even at times my husband may pull them off of him telling me it is warm and before long I would manage to put socks back on his poor little feet. Today, at 12 years old, he always wears socks. You will rarely see him without. He will even wear socks with sliders. I created a sock-wearing kid! I don’t know if I should feel proud or ashamed!

The point is that we want the best, we think and assume we are doing the best and our choices effect more than just ourselves or our child. Aside from wanting cute onesies, fun bibs or even the coziest socks buying a fabric that actually makes a difference means we are giving baby more than just quality. This is where buying organic cotton clothes like the products at Simply Chickie makes a world of difference in so many ways.

train bib

They are adorable and humorous like this Train bib above or the seasonal onesie below. Simply Chickie offers American made, certified organic cotton, funny baby and toddler products.

Why certified organic cotton clothing?

Besides it being the softest feeling apparel you have ever held in your hands, no synthetically produced pesticides or fertilizers are used in the process. Simply Chickie only uses GOTS certified organic cotton.

Halloween onesie

In a nutshell, conventional cotton uses more pesticides and is known to leave trace amounts in the cotton fibers, At least 7 of the 15 most carcinogenic chemicals known to man are used to grow conventional cotton. Allergic Contact Dermatitis is also a symptom for many and develops after repeated allergen exposure to dyes and other chemicals and metals. It also takes so much more water for standard cotton and irrigation is required and that is not healthy for the local rivers and town supply.

Certified organic cotton uses natural predators and hand soil care instead of pesticides. Organic cotton will not have trace chemicals left behind. Organic cotton uses rain water and not irrigation. It is better for you and the environment. It does not have to cost a fortune either!

Simply Chickie has affordable organic cotton products for babies and toddlers. The onesies and bibs have funny and adorable designs. The gift sets are cleverly wrapped and even include a plush chickie. The extra care is more than just the cotton used, but the printing and packaging. Shop Simply Chickie certified organic cotton clothing for your baby gifts! Also visit the Simply Chickie Amazon store!

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Lily Kwan

These cotton clothes look very nice.Thanks for sharing!

Renee T

Thanks for sharing. Lovely baby items.