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Shower Your Pets with Love with All-Natural Dog Treats

I have partnered with Whimzees and Old Mother Hubbard for feature. Opinions are my own.

Shower Your Pets with Love with All-Natural Dog Treats

No doubt if your home becomes filled with Valentine’s cards and candy the kids bring home from class and spouse gifts of chocolates the dog will be sniffing for their own treat. Of course they can’t have those chocolates but having a fun treat on hand is helps them feel loved too. Old Mother Hubbard and Whimzees have all-natural dog treats your dog can safely have for Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.

Bits of Love

For a few holidays a year, Old Mother Hubbard puts their P-Nuttier treats into shapes such as hearts for Valentine’s. All natural ingredients of oven baked peanut butter and molasses snacks are a hit with our dog!

heart dog treats

It’s as if you can actually see the wholesome in these snacks. They add apple, oats, peanuts and carrots for a dog treat you will feel good giving your family pet. Find all the treats offered by visiting Old Mother Hubbard including where you can find these near you.

Dog treats holiday

Whimzees are chews and dental chews that are also made with natural ingredients you can feel good handing your dog. They are gluten free and vegetarian with a vegetable-based texture.

Whimzeez dog chewWhimzees for dogs

The shape of the Hedgehog chew, a popular product from Whimzees, makes it a great texture for removing plaque and tartar as your dog chews.

HEDGEHOG dog treat

They must have a great flavor because Maya wanted these before I even tore open the package. It’s funny how a dog just knows a package in your hand is meant for them. She was standing and dancing to earn her Hedgehog.

all natural dog treats

See all of the fun dental chews at Whimzees as well as where you can find near you.

treats for pets

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