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How To Show The Sensitive Man In Your Life How Appreciative You Are!

It’s not something that is discussed widely, but if the man in your life is of a sensitive nature, sometimes their feelings can be hurt all too easily. Showing our appreciation, especially if we try to balance out the odds and be the person who “wears the trousers”, can be a difficult task. Most advice columns, when it comes to pleasing the man in your life, shows how to bring out the “inner man”, by taking them to baseball games, monster truck rallies, wood chopping events, and so forth. But, if the man in your life doesn’t like any of these things, and it’s very likely that they don’t, how can you show your appreciation for them?  

Give them space

Sometimes, the problem we all have with modern life is that we can feel hemmed in. If you live with someone, it can be difficult when you are both on top of each other. If he is too sensitive, he may withdraw from social situations, even in your own home. So, instead of giving them the third degree for not spending proper time with you, give them the space they need. Maybe they can get a proper night’s sleep, especially if life has been particularly stressful recently.

A little gift or token of your appreciation

Men don’t always feel like they matter from time to time, and this is especially true of the retiring type. If they do a lot around the house, or pick up the slack without asking for anything in return, it’s very simple, just show them that you’ve taken notice. A gift doesn’t have to be an over-the-top affair to show your appreciation, but something personalized shows them how much you care. You can find a perfect gift for dads online, especially if they’ve been withdrawn recently, and haven’t been able to spend as much time with them or your kids. But it’s the little things that count. You might show your appreciation for them online, but how would they know that you are supportive of them?

Help him accomplish his goals

If he’s got goals in life, but he’s not making leverage, you should help them out of the sticky situation. While relationships aren’t about giving to receiving, if they’ve taken the load recently, give them some inspiration or words of advice. Because they know you are on their side, this will make them feel cared for. Sometimes, men can be sensitive or inward facing because of a sense of unhappiness or unfulfillment in their life. If you can dig deep into the problem, and help to provide a solution that you appear to be 100% behind, this will give them additional confidence.

Treat him as an equal

While a couple should balance each other out, yin and yang, light and shade, and so forth, if you don’t treat him as an equal from time to time, it’s very likely he will feel small and intimidated. Something like money, which he can’t directly control, can feed into many insecurities. If you make a passing comments about the fact that they should earn more money, this could be very hurtful indeed. It will only serve to make them withdraw and keep their distance.

Make him feel attractive

As life duties overtake your relationship as a couple in many ways, such as life admin, or children, quality couple time could go by the wayside. Of course, it’s not just us women who are sensitive in relation to this, but men want to feel attractive too. Those insecurities about their attractiveness can breed considerable problems if left untreated. So, make sure that he feels attractive, but also, make sure that you are communicating this to them. Even if he doesn’t appear so forthcoming in offering you comments, if you can start the ball rolling by telling him he looks attractive, and this will help. We seem to do a lot of things in relationships so we can get something back. This isn’t the right attitude to have, and so, you should consider telling him how attractive he is to you.

Brag about him

Sometimes we can brag about our significant other on social media, but they won’t see it. Instead, while it’s great to boast about your partner’s strength during a tough time online, do they know that you appreciate them? If not, show everybody else how much he means to you when you are together. Everybody likes a little compliment and buttering up in public. In fact, we relish this!

Make time for the two of you

Sometimes the old ones are the best! If the pressures of family life are getting the both of you down, fix this by having quality time together. Communication can be a big problem if we place priorities on other parts of life, and take our relationship for granted, so talk to each other! Make sure that you are both on the same emotional page. If you don’t talk about anything apart from diapers and bills, you both need to make the effort to spend good quality time together. You might spend time together in the same room, but if you’re both on the phone, what is this going to achieve? Instead, make some quality time a fixture in your calendar. And while money is always an issue, you don’t have to consider a night out in a posh restaurant as the definition of “quality time”. It’s the little things that matter, much like when you were first together, talking late into the night, or cooking together; it’s all those little things that mean a lot.

When couples grow apart, we can both retreat into our shells, and while many men appear to show a sense of bravado, or don’t display their emotions, there can be an underlying sensitivity in the man in your life. Many men are like closed books, but this doesn’t need to be the case. By showing the sensitive man in your life how appreciative you are of their efforts, it will build a solid foundation all over again. So take the time, take the effort, and take the opportunities to appreciate them.

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