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Shop Smart! Use gift cards and get perks from the Gift Card Mall

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Smart gifting 101: Earn points and cash back however you can! Still have items to pick up for the Holidays? If not, you will encounter other gift-giving holidays in the new year and I want to make you aware of a Shop Smart Tip that will save and earn you rewards! The tip? First stop=The Gift Card Mall at your local grocery store. I am not suggesting just handing them the gift card if you were not planning on it. I am suggesting score more before you even hit the store that is your destination.

Here is how it can work to your advantage! You have your list. You know what stores you will head to. As well, you have your local grocery ads and you see promos that if you buy certain gift cards in the Gift Card Mall (the little end cap of gift cards at a grocer is the ‘Gift Card Mall’) you get a perk. Could be you earn extra fuel rewards for that chain. Perhaps you can buy more, save more. You purchase the gift card there and use it at the store or even better-online! You can go through a cash-back shopping site to get to your retailer of choice and earn cash back there as well as the perk you got for purchasing the gift card where you did and you get perks and your giftee gets that item they wanted. After discounted gas and a percentage of cash back, that $60 XBOX game at Best Buy doesn’t sound half bad of a deal after all, does it? Sound like a hassle or do you just want to give gift cards? offers those same cards you can order online and have sealed, addressed and sent to you or the recipient! Some gift cards are even customizable by adding your own photos-how fun is that?

Which gift would you rather open?

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  • Owned by Blackhawk Network
  • Gift cards from premium brand partners
  • Many gift cards are customizable by uploading photos & images
  • Gifts for any occasion or Holiday
  • Buy at or you can find them at your local grocery store
  • Can be mailed to you or the recipient
To see all the available gift card partners & to customize a gift card, visit
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  1. I am a huge fan of gift cards. Love receiving them, and I receive quite a few from my family members who live out of state and who I don't see very often. Also love that Gift Card Mall gives you perks! Who doesn't love perks and saving money?

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