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Shop, Learn and Live Naturally with Gaiam Products and Wellness Topics

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Do you enjoy products and websites that not only offer products that support the environment and a sustainable economy, but that also offer you education of how to be a healthier you? I do. I am not a super-freak health nut. We have no diet restrictions in my household, but I am very conscious about what I buy and bring into my home. It is impossible to ignore certain “preservatives” and chemicals as in some cases they are needed to keep food safe until ready to eat as well as other necessities. But, it is when you combine those with other less-nutrient ingredients until you constantly eat in a way that provides very little nutrients your body craves that I avoid doing. It is a lot of work and takes a lot of knowledge! Researching every company before buying their products takes too much time. That is why when I come across a company with all the right values, I want to share that with my readers. It helps keep you alert to all things good and I did all the research for you. I contacted Gaiam and they were generous enough to work with me and allow me to review a product to see the value and quality for myself. This is a sponsored review, but is one that I discovered and loved so much I invited them to my Blog because they fit the standards of products I love to write about.
I chose to review the Gaiam 2-inch Sure Grip headband as I have been having such a hard time finding a headband for working out that isn’t always slipping up my oddly shaped head! I had even just went to a well-known exclusive fitness store and bought a very expensive one that slips on my head-Ugh! I am in love now with this head band and have more on my Christmas list! I love wearing these and this one stays put all day. The silicon strip on the inside keeps the band on my head. I have others with this strip, but this one just works best! It is also made of moisture-wicking fabric to help keep me cool. Silly I can get so excited over a workout headband, but if you wear these then I know you understand.
About Gaiam
  • Founded in the USA-Boulder, Co
  • Places its values on the environment, a sustainable economy, healthy lifestyles, alternative living and personal development
  • Find quality clothing, home goods, wellness and fitness products
  • Find videos to purchase that enhance personal development and wellness
  • Find Gaiam TV-The Transformation Network that streams videos and documentaries
  • Find a Just for Men section-all things Men Wellness

To learn more, visit
You can also find Gaiam products and this headband on Amazon

Disclaimer: I was provided the above product for this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I haven't tried any Gaiam products, but I've seen them discounted in Marshall's. I've always wanted to try their headbands. Sweaty Bands work for me, but they're not cheap.

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