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Shinesty has your Holiday Family Pajamas and Sweaters

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Shinesty has your Holiday Family Pajamas and Sweaters

It’s been a rough year so if your family wants you to get into matching pajamas, just go along with it! It’s the joy and togetherness we have held onto for dear life this year and Shinesty has your Holiday family pajamas and sweaters to add some extra fun into your Holidays.

There is nothing better than new, soft pajamas. I have joked that if I ever win the lottery I want to go to bed every night for the rest of my life with brand new sheets and brand new pajamas (my husband says the same about brand new socks everyday).

Shinesty pajamas are more than just sleepwear. They are functional, on the sofa, snacking through a movie night pajamas. Although you can get more than just Christmas apparel at Shinesty, their pajamas are all the same in function. Shinesty 2-piece pajamas don’t shrink easily! They are made with 94% polyester, 6% spandex. Even better than that, there is a chest pocket, a remote pocket in the left sleeve and a hidden pocket in the sleeve cuff for hiding small secrets or snacks. I have the Lincoln Log Love Lady set!

I still have the Millennial Snowflake bandana we got last year for Leah. This one stands out best on her. Shinesty has the dogs covered too!

From the shower to his dogs, my tween couldn’t wait to get his Christmas sweater on the day it arrived. Every year he loves finding ugly or unique sweaters and he wears them to every event. What tween doesn’t love cookies, so when he saw this Polar Milk Plunge sweater he had to have it.

Shinesty has fun and sometimes highly romantic designs and you will even find family sets for all year long. The 2020 Holiday picks are as fun as this sweater and festive as my pajamas.

I had fun bringing Shinesty to you as a great Holiday tradition or gift to start for next year. See all of the apparel (not just for Christmas) for the entire family. I can save you a bit too – Shop now.

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I always get my family new Christmas eve pajamas every year. I love the idea of matching ones we have not done that yet