Sheets with scents and softness for #SnugglyDreams

This is a post for Snuggle on behalf of Snuggle Community

What better than laying your head down at night to clean, fresh sheets that smell like Lavender & Sandalwood? We work hard, we run all day long and our sleep is the recharge we need so we can do it all again tomorrow. The wrong materials, pillows, comforters and clothing can actually give us a restless sleep and what good is a night where we cannot find the relaxation to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep? Snuggle sent me on a mission to wash my sheets with the Snuggle White Lavender & Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener. 
Why would Snuggle suggest this mission? Perhaps it is to show off the pride they must have for a product that keeps a long lasting scent after the wash and that softens better than ordinary detergents. Whenever I see the Snuggle Bear, I think of fun scents and fresh fabrics! 
Snuggle Exhilaration fabric softeners are available in 3 sizes and are safe for HE machines. They produce softer and fresher fabrics and help lesses wrinkles and static cling. 

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