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How to Have a Shabby Chic Christmas Tree

This summer we bought a brand new home. I have visions in my open space of how I will do a tree and decorate this year. I bought new furniture and new decor when we moved in for a new and fresh look for our home. I am starting to pick up new decor as well. Away with the cute decor and now I want grown up, chic and modern.

How to Have a Shabby Chic Christmas Tree
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If you are looking to decorate your home in a shabby chic style for Christmas, you might be thinking about the Christmas tree first. This is often a good place to start since it can really set the overall theme for your entire home’s decor. Here are some tips for having a shabby chic-styled Christmas tree.

Choose a White or Pink Tree

To start with, you want to go with either a white or pink Christmas tree. This of course is only possible if you are using an imitation tree. If you still want a live tree, it will be green, but you can still turn it into a shabby chic tree by using the right decorative elements. Otherwise, try to find a white tree since it is really easy to choose your preferred ornaments for decoration. You can even have a super simple tree that is white with a silver star on top and silver ball ornaments, and just leave it at that. This is an easy and budget-friendly way to have a shabby chic Christmas tree.

Get the Right Ornaments

Once you have your tree, you will then start choosing your ornaments. Instead of the classic red and green ornaments, you are going to go with your soft and feminine shabby chic colors, like white, silver, and pastel colors in pink, blue, and green. A little bit of pastel yellow and purple also work, but don’t combine all of these colors together. Try to choose one color scheme, such as just white and silver, white and pink, or even pink and green. See these ornaments.

Use Only Clear Christmas Lights

You will naturally want to use the clear Christmas lights with a white string instead of a green string or colored lights. Depending on the color scheme of your tree, you can also use the fancy pink lights, but it might end up being a little too much pink for your liking. The clear or white lights are really easy to find and perfect for this type of tree.

Add Pearls and Lace

After the lights and ornaments have been added, it is time to add some extra elements. Start with a tree skirt (I love this one), which should be in colors that match your tree. While it is okay to go with classic Christmas figures like Santa or snowmen, you just need to make sure it matches your overall shabby chic theme. You can then chose some pretty and feminine decor items for the tree, such as strings or plastic pearls to wrap around the tree instead or ribbon, or even wrapping thin strands of lace around it.

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