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SGLEDS 70W Outdoor RGB Color Changing Flood LED Light

SGLED Flood Light

As summer comes near we can finally head outside for dinners and entertaining. I love the season where we have daylight into the evening and the smoker and grill is cooking meat and veggies to share with family and friends in the backyard. When daylight ends before you are ready to end you evening, you can add light back into your night with this SGLEDS 70W Outdoor RGB Color Changing Flood LED Light.

LED Night Light

This may look like a simple plug-in and turn on type of LED floodlight, but it does so much!

  • Remote control at a distance of 33-49ft
  • Always remembers the color and mode you set last time for convenience
  • 16 different colors are available
  • Adjust brightness and flash, strobe, fade and smooth speeds
  • It is waterproof so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with mounting screw or can be set on any surface
  • 5-year warranty, you are covered for replacement or refund if it is quality issues.
SANSI Light functions

Flood LED light specs: 70 W, 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Beam angle: 120°, Dimming: 5-way Dimmable.

Can you imagine how fun parties and birthdays could be? It even works for Holiday house decor both inside and out! It is bright! It lights up our entire yard so we can extend our warm, fun evenings.

waterproog LED light

SGLEDS provides super bright LED lights, including holiday RGB flood lights, outdoor home security lights, light bulbs, etc. Available on Amazon.

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