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Setting Up a Basement Area for Your Kids in Los Angeles

Setting Up a Basement Area for Your Kids in Los Angeles
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As any parent knows, your kids need a place to play. Not every home has a backyard in Los Angeles, and even if you do, sometimes the weather isn’t great. If you have a large basement on the other hand, you could easily turn this into a space for your kids. Doing so would give them a wide, safe indoor space in which to play, and keep them from tearing about the rest of the home. If you’re interested in setting up a basement area for your kids, here are a few things that you should consider.

Plenty of Storage

First, you’re going to want to get yourself some storage items. Things like plastic tubs, shelving, chests, and drawers are all good items to look for. You’ll need these to store all the various toys and other items your children have so that they are not simply left on the floor. Getting storage pieces will help to keep this room somewhat organized and look better too. A simple trip to Target or Ikea should yield you some great results, or you can build something yourself, and then you can decorate the pieces you get however you want.

A New Coat of Paint

In many cases you’ll want to paint the color of this room. There’s a big difference between the color you’d use for an office space, a living room space, and a child’s space. Take a look at what color you have down there now and think about if another color would work better for a kids’ space. Giving the room a new coat of paint isn’t required, but if you want your children to feel like this room is really theirs, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Put Down Some Carpets

Kids are known to get a little wild, and this results in some accidents. It won’t be long before your kid is running around, trips and falls. When they do, you want them to fall on something soft. Consider carpeting this room for two reasons. First, to make it more comfortable to play – and fall – on. Second, you have more color options for carpeting, which will help it to match the other decorations and paint color you go with. If the room is too big to carpet the entire thing, consider placing down some large area rugs at the least.

Add a Bathroom

If you have a large enough space, you may want to consider adding in a bathroom. Not only will this improve the value of your home, but it’s especially helpful if you have younger kids. Younger kids are prone to accidents, and you’ll always want them as close to a bathroom to try to avoid this. It’s a big expense but having another bathroom in your home is never a bad thing. So, find a plumber near you in Los Angeles and see what the job would cost – you may find it’s well worth the investment. 

Keep the Electronics to a Minimum

As you’re building this child’s playroom, it’s tempting to put in all of the latest gadgets. You set up a TV so they can watch their favorite shows, a computer so they can play their favorite games, and maybe there’s even a few handheld gaming systems lying around. A great thing you can do when setting up the room is keep the electronics to a minimum. Kids today are surrounded by electronics at all times, from the moment the get up until they go to bed. Give them a space that is less crowded from these devices, and instead focuses on simpler toys or even books.

Make the Room Safe

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that this room is safe for your kids to run around in. Make sure the shelves are put up tight, that no big furniture can topple over, that there’s no sharp edges on the tables, and that the outlets have plastic covers. Ideally, you’ll be able to leave your kids to play alone in this room as they get older, so you want to be able to rest comfortably knowing they are safe in there. Go over every inch of the room and look for anything dangerous, then take care of it before you let your kids go wild.

Get Your Kids Involved

When setting up the room, it’s a good idea to involve your kids. Ask what sort of decorations they would like, where they want their toys to go, etc. This will get them to enjoy the room more and therefore spend more time in it. It’s not always possible to go play outside in Los Angeles, but hopefully with the tips above you can turn your basement into a fun and safe space for your kids. 

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